Family Medicine and COVID-19: What You Should Know

During times like these, leaving the house for anything but essentials can expose you to unnecessary risk. However, your health and the health of your family are essential, and the family doctors and primary care physicians of MWHS are making efforts to ensure your continued safety during this pandemic. 

Midwest Regional Health Services provides healthcare to those in Omaha, Nebraska. Our doctors and staff are working through this pandemic to ensure that you and your family get the care you need, whether it's through office visits or telehealth options. 

The importance of family doctors during a pandemic 

A large-scale pandemic doesn't eliminate the need for some urgent doctor's visits, though things like minor injuries, chronic conditions, prescription refills, and other health matters can usually be handled remotely. 

Family doctors and primary care physicians are your first stop when it comes to the general health of you and your family. They know your medical history, what works for you, and what your living situation is like. This kind of rapport takes time to build, and being shut off from your family doctor can put a strain on the health of your household.

That’s why continued communication with your family doctor is important, especially during a pandemic. However, we have to take measures to make sure that you don't unintentionally catch the virus, or spread it to those around you — including your family. 

What's being done to reduce risk? 

A good family doctor will ensure that the quality of your care doesn't waver during times like these. That’s why Midwest Regional Health Services is staying open in a limited fashion and continuing to provide healthcare to our patients. 

Along with standard risk-reduction methods like masks and disinfectants, we have also made changes to how we offer care to patients. 

Monday through Friday, we offer limited-exposure office visits from 8-10am, so you can still see your doctor in-person if you need to. We also provide curbside care from 10am-2pm. Call ahead and ask to be seen in the parking lot, so you don't have to enter the building. 

If you wish to avoid exposure entirely, you have a variety of other options to get in touch with your doctor. These include Google Duo, Zoom, Facetime, and our free app, Hale Health. 

COVID-19 has created a frightening situation, especially when it comes to healthcare. However, the doctors and staff at Midwest Regional Health Services will continue to be there for you and your family. To schedule a visit or telehealth conference, call 402-225-0489 or request an appointment online.

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