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Mental Health Specialist

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Midwest Regional Health Services

Primary Care Practice & Family Medicine located in Omaha, NE

As family medicine providers who specialize in caring for every aspect of your physical, mental, and emotional health, the team at Midwest Regional Health Services in Omaha, Nebraska, includes two licensed mental health therapists who work with patients on-site, as well as remotely. They offer confidential crisis intervention and counseling for mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, and they provide resources and support for those faced with the challenge of chronic disease management. At Midwest Regional Health Services, our mission is to provide effective collaborative therapy using evidence-based interventions in a safe environment. To schedule an appointment with a mental health therapist, call the office at 402-745-1145.

Mental Health

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What is mental health?

Your mental health encompasses every aspect of your life. Your emotional and behavioral well-being influence your success in daily life. And your daily life, such as if you have a satisfying job and friends, affects your mental health.

There’s also a direct association between mental health and physical health. Problems such as injuries, illness, and chronic disease lead to stress, depression, and anxiety. If you struggle with a mental health problem, you have less energy and emotional reserves available to cope with physical challenges.  Untreated issues also can lead to fatigue and unhealthy coping mechanisms, which in turn affect your physical well being

When do I need crisis intervention?

Crisis intervention is immediate and short-term therapy to help you through a difficult time. Many events and circumstances can trigger a crisis. 

You may face a major event like the death of a loved one, loss of your job, or physical abuse. Or your crisis may come from daily challenges such as a child’s difficult behavior or a family member’s alcohol or other substance abuse.

When you feel that you can’t manage the situation, you’re overwhelmed, or you can’t find a way to cope, you can turn to mental help professionals for help.  We provide Trauma Informed care. We use evidence-based practices to help you get back to life.

When should I get help for depression and anxiety?

Patients often suffer too long with depression and anxiety because they believe they’ll get over it. But clinical depression isn’t like the blues and won’t go away on its own. When anxiety becomes constant, the changes in your brain and body chemistry keep you in such a state of high alert that you end up in a perpetual state of fear. 

Young children, teens, and adults of all ages can develop depression and anxiety that are severe enough to interfere with their daily lives. That’s when it’s time to call Midwest Regional Health Services to get help from a mental health therapist. We help you understand the root causes of your distress, then help you with methods of dealing with them.  

How can therapy help me with chronic disease management?

Chronic disease can have a significant impact on your mental health for several reasons. For starters, chronic diseases can’t be cured. Once you’re diagnosed, you need to manage the disease for the rest of your life. That realization alone often leads to depression and stress for most patients.

Additionally, chronic disease management means that you need to carefully monitor your diet and lifestyle habits every day. You may also need to lose weight if you want the best chance of preventing your chronic disease from getting worse.

The lifestyle changes required by chronic disease management aren’t easy. In fact, they’re downright hard. You may find that you can manage them better when you have therapy that supports your emotional ups and downs and teaches you effective ways to make behavioral changes.   We use a strength-based approach to help you learn how to manage these changes

To schedule an appointment with a mental health therapist, call the office at 402-745-1145.